Vagabond – c.282


We finally found some raws for 282; glad it got fixed. Remember that we already have 283 done (“next chapter>”). Hopefully we’ll get UDDUP 89 raws soon too. We’ll also have an extremely short DDC 17 out in a few days.

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6 responses to “Vagabond – c.282

  1. Where did you get the raw from? There’s a missing chapter of a manga called Billy Bat from the same magazine issue, so I was wondering if you might know where to get that.

    • I check Japanese networks for raws. From what I understand, this is what raw providers do to get their raws if they don’t scan it themselves. Anyways, as such, the search was specific to Vagabond, not the magazine as a whole.

      Edit: I’ve been checking for it, but no dice as of yet, just some volume 1 files.

      • Ah well thanks for trying. I got a chinese scanlation to work with so that should be good enough until the volume is released.

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