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“Active” Scanlations:

Volume 1 and chapter 1-12


Next Chapter: No real ETA at the moment. I’m seriously looking into starting this up again and finishing it. [Jan 19 2016]

Specific details about what we are doing with DDC.

We have complete raws for this series.


Completed/Dropped/non-independent/et cetera Series:


048049 – 050051052053054055056057058059


072073074075076077 –  078079080081082083


096097098099100101102103104105106 – 107



Volume 17

Special chapter: Jesus

Special chapter: Bride

About Yami no Aegis and Jesus: Id est, the manga that Tate and Jesus originate from — X-posed scanlations has started scanlating both. Go check it out at their site!

Other info: There is a short Jesus omake featuring UDDUP characters, BUT Let me stress that this is not actually part of UDDUP, so please don’t go uploading or noting it as such. Also, for clarity’s sake, the above “Special chapter: Jesus” is in fact part of UDDUP though.

Double-S, UDDUP’s artist, was a guest artist for a special chapter of Tentai Senshi Sunred which we scanlated and which you can find here (I suggest it to anyone that’s a fan of UDDUP’s art).



286 – 287 – 288289290291292293294295296297

298299 – 300

Mangastream has picked up the series. They’ll no doubt give the series more attention than we can, and bring fast, high quality Vagabond releases. We thank them for their efforts and will bow out. Good luck to the Mangastream team.


Muda Scantrad has taken over Dr. Rurru. We wish them luck and are happy that someone is getting Dr. Rurru scanlated.

Other info: So a while back we got our hands on a oneshot issue of jump SQ. We thought Dr. Rurru looked like it had the best art out of all of them, so we did the oneshot. It was a while back, consequently it’s pretty messy (besides the fact that the story was pretty bizarre and disjointed).  Apparently we choose well though, because it got serialized. Right now we are sort of doing it ‘for the lulz’. Accordingly, it’s quite low on our priority list. Terribly sorry to fans for the frequent tardiness.


Currently, We’ve dropped it and left it to Evil Genius and  I’d like to wish them good luck with it and apologies for the poor communication.


We were going to do more, but we decide it would be better if the series was handed over to imangascans. Good luck, we look forward to more chapters to come.


Wanted to try our hand at cleaning mag raws, but didn’t feel like translating it, ergo one chapter only.


Various other chapter with Kuu scans

We helped Kuu clean some of their tank scans for a while. Check them out if they still exist.

1516171819 [end]

A short WSJ series which we completed.

Personant [MU] – Apple [MU]- in order of how much I like them (see above for Dr. Rurru oneshot)

The only other scanlation available was terrible and we thought “even we can do better than that”, and thus was born Nihil Sine Nefas. (it’s terrible too in retrospect, but still better than that shit)




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  1. Frankly, I think it is real great that you guys are also doing Air Gear. Sora Scans may be the boss of the AG scans, but I feel that you guys have achieved much more, than what they have done. I won’t attempt to downplay their achievements, but I do feel that they should keep us informed, and try to release regularly, not once in a blue moon, and irking a lot of people away.

    Words may mean little, but honestly, I think that you guys have done a good job on the scans, and there is always room for improvement in everything in this world. And, I feel that more AG scanlation groups means more exposure to Air Gear and more groups can come up to share into the world of AG.

    To say it simply, I feel that just because SS may be back, it does not mean that you guys should stop on AG, unless if that is your wish, and whatever your decision is, I respect it. You have brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people out there, and that means a lot. Thank you for all your efforts, and all the best!

  2. @ Jcage I totally agree with your opinion….
    @ NSN: could you guys give us some information about how and when the raws are regulary published and when we could expect a scanlation, that would be awesome.

    ps. sorry if my english isn’t that good…

  3. yeah without skynorth keeping sora in tight reigns it seems to have lost alot of it’s drive they still do beautiful scans when they get them out but it does get annoying when you see 5+ chapters needing to be scanned and no word as to what is going on, i appreciate you guys keeping us up to date, or at least catching everyone up so that we can enjoy this manga, and just like jcage said more scanlation grouops = more exposure, which is a good thing

  4. competence always drives improvement.

    thanks to your efforts SS seems to be again alive, and now i can finally read this manga again, after almost lost interest due to the lack of updates.

    great work, highly appreciated.

  5. “(they have, like these last 5 chapter, a history of just stopping for a while without notice).
    I noticed k-manga tend to do this with their releases too. And even so they b**ch when another group ‘steals’ their project. Where’s that goddamn Ares? (not that anyone’s tried to steal that one yet, but after that Sekirei fiasco…)

    And I have to begrudgingly admit that Oh!Great doesn’t exactly write well… (personally he’s one of my favourite mangaka since I really love his art and his premises and his.. style) but! in the overall picture, his works do (eventually) make sense (within the actual series, that is). I should really catch up on Air Gear and TenTen, actually. They’re probably series that you have to read in really big chunks, so that something that happened fifty chapters ago is still fresh in your mind – believe me, it tends to make more sense.
    But yeah, no real excuse for his, uh… creative license, when it comes to his writing. Maybe his problem is that he overuses his creative license, eh? ;P

    Oh right, one other thing, could you guys do Mediafire mirrors for your releases if possible? Megaupload has this annoying tendency to sometimes stop completely when the download is over half way done (at 99%, in one example), and it doesn’t exactly support resuming. Rapidshare has this annoying thing where it renames some files, but it’s not that bad I guess, apart from the wait after downloading a file (not good for getting several files in a row). And I generally don’t like all the others, which are far less reliable than Megaupload.

  6. Thanks. I do have to agree that his art is great and that, while a lot of the dialogue doesn’t make much sense, in a wider sense the story isn’t that bad. Also, I’ll get on the media fire links, just been too lazy.

  7. Thanks for keeping us updated! It is a pleasure to be kept in the loop, and nice to hear about AG 231. All the best, and thanks again for your efforts.

  8. wow…i’m a huge manga fan, and AG is one of my favourite, but since Sora Scans is “abandoned” this manga, a lot of AG fans are desperate to have new group for this manga…

    And here it is…NSN came with someting awesome…although the quality is still LQ, but by the time goes, i think your group will be more expert (not to mention that almost all the RAWs on the internet is very-very-very bad scan) …

    but i’m really glad that NSN shows up…it means a lot to me (personally)..

    About the translation, i think you did a splendid job (yeah Oh! great english is not that good)…

    Oh yeah, many thanks for the 231 chapter…

    HAIL FOR NSN!!!!!!!!

  9. We dropped Air Gear. This is some of what we said:
    “Sora skipped to 232, and in doing so set a precedent that they will ignore backlog arbitrarily and release the newest chapter without warning. This puts us in a tough place since our quality, focusing on speed and regularity over cleaning, is lower visually. Thus if we release second, there is little value. […] I am assuming that they are saying that they are going to take over scanning it weekly, so we’ll step off.”
    if you want to read it all, its the first part:
    In short, Sora sort of pushed us out of scanning AG, so you will have to wait for their release. They said they are going to release the newest chapter as well as some backlog all together in a few days a few days ago, so it should be anytime now.

  10. I would’nt want to add much, as I am not to well versed in scanlations projects & such.

    but I am greatful (as in great gratefullness) that NSN have taken up Vagabond. If I had any skills of use, I would offer them.

    Keep it up. You are much appreciated..

  11. I’ve started reading your scanlations of the Divine Comedy, since I was studying it this term at university, and I have to say it’s quite nice to feel like I’m reading something worthwhile in a manga!

    I would just point out that “Vergil” should be spelt “Virgil”, but other than that, everything else seems great! Good work, and good luck with future chapters!

  12. Vergilius is more traditionally anglicized as Vergil, however generally Virgil is used now-a-days. I personally prefer Vergil, both are accepted (to note, in the manga itself it was Vergilius). We are probably going to go with Virgil from now on though since it’s much more common (we will fix little things like that when we release the volume). Also, thanks, our goal was to make it both consistent with history and the original Divine Comedy. Above all, we don’t want people to get any misinformation here (provided they read our notes too). (though, like we said else where, this is not the same as the Divine Comedy and you really should read it.)

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  14. Thank you for the scanlation of the Divine Comedy manga, great job! I love it!

    I just want to point out a little thing. From the way the manga deals with Dante’s past encounters with Beatrice, one gets the impression that he only met her twice in his life. In fact if you read the Vita Nuova, it’s clear that the two met frequently (not that they had a relationship or anything, but they were somehow acquainted and attended the same social circles). I don’t know if this mistake is also in the original manga, but maybe you want to make a correction because the idea of Dante loving so much a woman he met only twice would make him seem a desperate loser.

    The two encounters between Dante and Beatrice described in the manga (when he was 9 and then when he was 18) are those that made him fall in love, not necessarily the ‘only’ ones.

    • Yes, that part is basically directly from the manga. It’s somewhat vague with regards to the frequency of their meetings. The implication from the second encounter seems to be that there was some period since there last meeting, but it’s more of a vague implication and doesn’t give any explicit time periods. When I was looking at it, I took it as two highlight in their ongoing relationship, but I suppose one not so inclined would see those as their only two meetings. Since it merely lacks explicit detail rather than gives false information, we’ll probably just update the notes when we release the volume to clarify that those were not the only two times they met.

  15. Practically, yes, it’s almost guaranteed that Dante met Beatrice more than twice before falling so much in love with her. However, Dante was apparently fascinated by the number 9, so he probably shifted the facts to make the dates line up. That is, he says that he met her first when he was 9, then met her again 9 years later (at the 9th hour, no less). For a bit more on his thing with 9, see the section “On the number nine” of La Vita Nuova.

    Go tends to take things pretty literally, so it’s not surprising that he’d stick to exactly what Dante wrote rather than what actually happened.

  16. HI! I’m not the type that likes to read action but dude “until death do us part” has got to be one of my all time favorite now…i’m so hooked! i tried to wait untill the whole thing came out then read it but i can’t help it lolx thanks for that guys!

  17. yeah great work guys, we need more scanlators like you! =] keep it up! I personally like Until Death Do Us Part so thanks for continuing with that series too! =]

  18. Thank you so much for doing an awsome job with Until Death Do Us Part, it has slowly been becomming my favorite manga though I usually dislike action. Mamoru is the best, and I love your comments at the end of each chapter xD
    I’m currently learning japanese, hoping that someday I will be able to contribute and translate chapters like you and many others has been doing for me! Keep it up! xxxx

  19. I am extremely amazed by your command of both English and Japanese, a skill which shows through your scanlation (I only read UDDUP but it is enough to tell). Hence a few questions: how did you manage to acquire such high levels of language, especially in Japanese (in terms of time and methods)?
    How long on average does it take you to complete a chapter? Have you got any particular way of doing it?
    I apologise if I seem too intrusive but I am interested in everything related to translating and your group is above average so I thought you could provide me with some information.
    At any rate, otsukareshimashite arigatou gozaimasu! (Thank you for your hard work! This translation is obviously for the other readers, laughs)

    • You’re not too intrusive at all; all good questions. I hope this proves informative (perhaps more than you wanted).

      As for how I acquired my knowledge of Japanese, it’s hard to lay out anything very detailed since I didn’t follow any program or schedule. Before I even start, I have to say that I had already taken a few years of Latin before even starting on Japanese. I think it’s important to note that because I think you first need to break out of the thought process of your original language, if only a little. Latin was probably a good start since it’s more similar to English than Japanese, thus making the thought transition easier and giving me a good starting point. (heh, not to say I can reasonably suggest learning one language to make learning another easier)

      Anyways, I started learning Japanese by just looking at Kanji; looking at their shapes, meanings, readings, etc. I then looked at various lists of particles, conjugations, and some basic rules that I found around the Internet. After that, I jumped into the breach. You’ll note the first chapters we did were not of the greatest translation quality, but I think there’s no better practice than immersion in a real, modern context. It forces you to cope with real usage of the language and in doing so you should learn things (you need to take the time to look up things and be sure you’re doing it right; not to say it’ll ever be _perfect_).

      At first, it took me a long time just to transcribe the Japanese from a chapter, not to mention translate (at first I was using notepad, but have since started using njstar). For seinen I had to look up a great deal of Kanji by radical. As time has gone on, I’ve learned a good deal of readings, and that’s expedited the process greatly. A specific time frame, though, is hard to put on any given manga chapter. I can do some roughly in just over an hour but others take much longer (see DDC). There are, for example, ‘explanation chapters’ and ‘action chapters,’ each obviously varying in text quantity and complexity. Some chapters also require research, and that can take time (again, see DDC).

      As I partially mentioned above, the process by which I go about translating is thus: transcribing, translation, proof by me, proof by group. Generally, I translate it roughly and literally the first time through, then rewrite it in a more idiomatic way. I can’t proof it right after translating; I have to let it cool off, if you will, and come back later. We sometimes skip the first level of proofing for time reasons. it’s good to have people outside of the translation look at it, but still have contact with the original translator so as not to misinterpret things. I also think the rough literal level is important to the group proofing since it prevents ‘telephoning’ (rewrites stacking on rewrites losing the meaning).

      Of course, the group work depends on having group members that are dependable and know one another well. In our case, we’ve all known one another for a very, very long time (since the start of elementary school actually). I can assure you, no one is going AWOL or anything. In addition, we also share the peculiarity of an OCD level devotion to whatever we do.

      As for the clarity of our English, it’s due in large part to the efforts of Nihil. He has a much better command of English than me (heh, I am now under the belief that learning other languages is vaguely degenerative to my English).

      That should just about cover it. If I missed anything, go ahead and ask. Sorry if it was a bit of a ramble, I tend to get carried away.

  20. Thank you very much, you have perfectly and thoroughly answered my questions. It was very informative, indeed, particularly the part in which you explained that, in fact, you have two levels of translating (the rough and the refined versions). That is an interesting method, which I would have never thought of;I shall try it in the future myself.
    I am an apprentice translator for a scanlator group so I try to gather information from more experienced translators. However, the most difficult part for me is not to understand the meaning of sentences but to translate them into coherent and natural English since it is not my mother tongue. That takes me too long; hopefully, according to your relating your experience, it should improve with pratice.
    Last but not least,I totally agree with you when you assert that learning another language helps you to “break” your original thinking process. I personally find that it has helped me to acquire the ability to grasp a text’s gist by just scanning it. I would even go further:the more languages I learn, the quicker I am to master them.
    So yeah, long live languages!! (and your scanlator group as well)

  21. Recently, the publisher Kodansha moved into the US region and, while doing so, it seems that MangaHelpers was told to take down all of the series that Kodansha published – this includes Dante’s Divine Comedy, of all things, as well as Vagabond.

  22. Yup, but unfortunately we have no idea where 282 is =P We’re going to get 283 done anyway; hopefully someone will get 282 raws up before too long.

    • Yeah, we got the 285 raws… we’ll see if our translator can find 284 on Japanese file-sharing programs. In the meantime, we’ll just work on 285.

      Also, after 285, Vagabond is on another break until late November =P

    • Well, speaking only about the text, I can roughly say this:
      Chapter 279:
      -text not changed, just spread out over new pages
      Chapter 283:
      -few lines of extra text on new pages
      Chapter 284:
      -text not changed, just spread out over new pages
      Chapter 286-287:
      -rearranged the end of 286 and the start of 287, no new text though
      Chapter 287:
      -lot’s of new text on the new pages

      (This is only regarding text changes, there’s a lot more images changes than this.)

      We’ve got the rough translation, but we need to proof it and that happens when we TS, so for the exact new text you’re going to have to wait for the release (which I’m hopping we get to soon). Sorry for the delays.

      • Thank you very much for the explanation! I’m eager for the release… I’ve got a project of my own about Vagabond here in Brazil and I need your translations in order to get them in portuguese… muahaha…

  23. I wanted to thank you guys for your great translations, always accurate and that make me learn interesting new words (English is not my native language…). I had just read Until Death Do Us Part first books and I couldn’t wait for the next chapters to be published… That’s terrific to have them already!
    (and please keep on with your comments at the end of the chapters… It’s always nice to have a good laugh!)

  24. Yo NHN!

    According to Inoue’s website… It looks like chapter 292 and 293 were already released. Any news about the raws?

    See ya!

    • Unfortunately, no. There’s a decent chance we’ll end up with a gap in the raws. Sometimes they just don’t get scanned for whatever reason.

  25. for 293, if you can actually understand japanese, Inoue’s post is referring to missing a deadline for the weekly magazine or something to that effect. i’m not that great with japanese though.

    • Yeah, apparently he’s a bit ill. That still doesn’t solve the missing ones before that; those should have been out before he got sick.

  26. I’ve seen the UDDUP raws for chapter 98; and holy FRICK what were the RP people smoking that they thought putting watermarks like that was a good idea?! I’d say wait for some better raws. But I noticed that I could actually figure out what was being said, some of the time; not enough to translate, but I can see that my Japanese classes actually are doing something. Yay!

    • Yeah, I was able to make it all out and finish the translation. We’ll probably wait a few days to see if we can’t get something better, but there’s only so long we’ll put off a release. Worse comes to worse we’ll version 2 it later.

  27. As long as you replace the version-1 chapter on Mangafox and Onemanga once you’ve version-2, that’s fine.

  28. With the end of Raw-Paradise, what will happen with vagabond? Do you know another source for the raws of this manga?

    see ya!

    • Well, the most probably source right now looks to be either Perfect Dark or Share. That said, it hasn’t been very good lately (though maybe raw-paradise was displacing it). A possible scenario is a lack of chapter raws, but we’d hope that the volumes show up at the very least. If absolute worse comes to worse, we’ll have to obtain the volume raws by scanning them ourselves. At any rate, it’ll be a while before we really see how the situation will play out.

  29. Please keep up the good work.
    Vagabond is a manga that many as of now cant live without as it is reaching its climax and hardly anyone of us will be able to bear the thought of not being able to read the grand finale.

    Again you guys just rock.

  30. Gah, I keep checking back every few hours to see if the new UDDUP is out yet! Seriously, I even DREAMED about going on here to check. And then I drove out to where you lived and gave you a volume of manga. My subconscious is — startlingly forthright at times.

    • We’re in the final stages. Provided we don’t have any unexpected snags, it should be out very soon.

  31. just wanted to say i love you guys work. i love the little comments you guys write at the end of every chapter. I got a tattoo with nothing without sin on my back. keep up the good work and cant wait till the next vagabond comes out

  32. Just wondering, but how long did it take you to make that TPC ad at the end of UDDUP 105? And thanks for all that you guys do!

    • Probably about half an hour or so… I have something of a background in web design, and only rarely do I get a chance to put those skills to use elsewhere 😉

  33. Hey i’m wondering how long you guys have had the new vagabond chapters? i stopped following your web page after the last long break. i randomly checked right now and i’m very pleased to see 3 new chapters in the translation works. any word on when they will be done for viewing? not trying to rush you guys or anything, but it’s been sometime, i need to see musashi killing things! and the warriors path once more.

    • We’re aiming to get a lot of work done on them this Sunday which should lead to the release of at least one of them.

      • Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the time today as was expected. Not entirely sure when our editors will find time next.

        • i’ll just keep waiting patiently till you guys get around to it.. not much else i can do, no point in complaining, you guys have given us so much free vagabond translations already. thanks for the updates.

  34. So, with OneManga in the process of being nuked as well, I was redirected to their “sister site” — 1000manga.com — when I tried to read a series (Togari, if any cares). That site doesn’t have any UDDUP on it. Might you be able to rectify that?

    • 1000manga was created for the sole purpose of hosting mature series which would otherwise offend ad providers on the main Onemanga site. In other words, it’s a direct extension of Onemanga, and, similarly, it will be getting the axe in short order.

      Seems like every day the remaining options are diminished by the winnowing of the publisher coalition. It’ll be interesting, albeit a shame, to see how this all play out.

      • Ah, that sucks. Well, at least I got to finish reading that one series, and worst comes to worst I can just download each chapter of UDDUP off of your site.

        Now if only we could get the people behind Pirate Bay interested in manga….

  35. Glad to see Vagabond is almost back…..just in time to cover for one piece month-long break and berserk being absent also 🙂

    • Actually, what we’re probably going to end up doing (because of our lack of time) is release translations and hope people will collaborate with us to finish the scanlation.

      The translations would go up soon (no later than the end of the week, I’d expect). After that, we’d have to just wait for someone to take us up on the offer. We can keep doing the translations, the editing is just to much right now.

      It’s not a great plan honestly, but it’s better than us holding back releases when we have a ton of work done just because we want to keep it in house — it seems a bit selfish, if nothing else. And as for any sacrifices, the potential speed gain would far out weight any quality loss, if even (they will not be free for use, so we won’t get arbitrary “clusterfuck” quality).

      (seriously these are for real spoilers, so read at your own discretion.)

      It was so awesome. I can’t believe Daiba showed up as Alcbane and took out everyone in TPC (they were all super powered Knockers as it turns out)! Course, that was on the first page. The rest was an epic 4 way battle between Diaba, Tate, Mamoru, and, of course… Genda. Can’t believe that Genda actually had two bionic arms all along (secret robot?). Also, Tate can turn his arm into a gun OR a sword (presumably also a gun-sword). Btw, Luna’s fine, got plastic surgery, and changed her name to Sierra. Pretty nice chapter.

  36. Over the past few days I have been obsessively checking back here every few minutes, to see if the chapter is up. Guess I’m an addict.

    • Yeah, it’s a failure on our part. We just can’t find time to do the chapters. Because of this, we’ve opted to release the translations and hope someone will be kind enough to help us TS and clean (a collaboration or something, not free-for-use though).

      I think the 297 translation looks pretty good, but it needs to be looked over again before we release it (soon I hope). Again, we’re sorry for our failure in this, but hopefully this course of action will yield some fruit, i.e. a scanlation of the chapter.

      • I personally would find that AWESOME.

        I have a question, just out of curiosity: how do you (or whoever does it) clean the raws? I mean, I know how *I* clean raws, but I’m interested in how other people do that.

        • Nihil first filters them in NeatImage – he generally plays with the settings until he gets the result he wants (not ‘failblurred’ — as seen in most ‘quick’ releases of the big three — but also not super-speckled). After that, we open them up in GIMP/Fireworks/etc, level them, and use the burn tool to make all the black regions that are still noisy completely black.

          When we have redraws, we either a) lazily clone-stamp in a fix or b) make a new layer to redraw the lineart on and then clone-stamp in the underlying patterns, depending on how large the area is and how lazy we feel 😛

  37. So, you haven’t found the 109 raws yet? I really want to read the chapter, I wish I could give them to you…. And 110 is probably out in Japan as well now.

      • I really, really, REALLY hope that works. Besides, I think I’ll be able to for sure add this other trope to the TV Tropes page after reading 109.

        …what? That site has devoured my brain.

        Be sure to keep us up to date with the raws hunt, okay?

    • Well, we did put it off for a bit, but yes, we’ve contacted them. Nothing back yet. Nothing on Share or PD either.

      • Nothing? ANYWHERE? This is bad; and odd.

        Is anyone certain that Japan still exists? And that the people there have internet access?

        • Well, try considering it from their point of view: would you go out to the store, buy a comic from your native country with cash, tear it apart, and finally scan it for some random foreigners? When you consider the language gap, the work and money involved, and how relatively small scanlation is, it’s kind of amazing that Japanese born raw providers exist in the first place.

          Straight up normal pirates would have all the same work and money issues, and maybe even less praise for it, so the lack of them isn’t very surprising either.

          • Excellent point is excellent. I guess we’re just gonna have to wait until the volume comes out is all. Although I do want more Jesus action, I don’t mind waiting for the volume. That means we gets a lot of chapters at once, then!

            And besides, this way you guys at NSN get a bit of a break. 😀

  38. Well, the raws running out was bound to happen at some point. 😦 I knew that but why am I surprised?! D: damn, well at least it didn’t happen at a cliffhanger. Thanks for all the hard work nsn, hopefully the raws will show up soon and the neverending flashback will FINALLY end O__O

  39. Rah rah raws! Rah rah raws!

    Is it a good chapter? Does it continue the flashback? Does it go back to the main timeline? Is Jesus badass in it? Will you please marry me? Just tell me how many of the questions you’d answer “yes” to.

    How’d you end up finding them anyways?

    • I can tell you this: you’re probably going to love at least few choice pages. I’m just about done with the rough translation, and it’s a good chapter overall, 26 pages too.

      Anyways, we found the raws on Share like normal. They just took a while to pop up for whatever reason.

      • When you said that I’d probably love at least a few pages: did you mean that at least a few pages are AWESOME, or that they’re relevant to the interests of me in particular?

          • I dunno; but sometimes people remember odd things. And I’ve found it safe to never assume that somebody’s forgotten me, even if I come back in again with different clothes, hairstyle, and not wearing my sunglasses.

            • I was speaking somewhat generally. Both of you are fairly exemplary of a large number of UDDUP fans.

              To be more clear, the whole chapter is good, but there’s a few parts that will stand out as memorable in the series to fans like those who frequent the Mangafox forums or other such similar sites.

              • It’ll only be memorably to me if it has any of the following: Jesus kicking ass. Jesus kicking ass whilst in some state of undress. Mamoru being tortured. Or Random Naked Mamoru. (Don’t ask about the last one, really, you DON’T want to know.)

                Either way, I cant wait to read it! 😀 Do you have your oh-so-witty-awesome comments planned out yet?

                • Oh crap, we haven’t started the gladiatorial games to decide it yet. Ok, the release is delayed a week for credits battling.

                  (see: Toshokan interview)

                  • LOL. XD

                    You guys are a riot, seriously. We (X-Posed) keep meaning to put a spoof page in our releases, but we haven’t found something to work with yet. I had a good idea for chapter one of Aegis, but I couldn’t work the dialouge in.

  40. Hey guys, I ordered Jesus: Sajin Kuro yesterday. So I was wondering, do you have any advice on how to scan it in without it looking like crap?

    … Preferably something that doesn’t involve scissors. D:

    • Probably the best non-cutting way is to use a hair dryer on the binding of the volume until the glue melts, at which point you can remove the pages and scan them in individually. There are more detailed guides out there for doing this, if you want to be careful about it.

      Alternatively, you can get decent quality by pressing down the spine when you scan in two pages at a time (without unbinding the volume), but you have to be careful that you aren’t blurring the inside margins of each page.

      • I never thought of a hair dryer. I might just see what I can do while doing as little damage to the book as possible. My scanner works pretty good, so we’ll see. I might practice with some random manga since I have a while until it gets here.

  41. And you have the raws for the now-new chapter of UDDUP as well!

    Heh, you can tell I’m a fangirl when just the “We have the raws” bit makes me catch my breath and grin like a maniac.

    • We’re doing our best; and one of the translators has decided to be an awesome person and do BOTH series.

      …wait a bit…

    • Those raws are in Chinese and also all water marked up. Luckily, we found 113 and 114 Japanese raws not to long ago. We’re working on them now.

    • *joins camping* Thanks, those things are DELICIOUS roasted.

      …Um, I hope you don’t mind them covered in ash? Because I kind of got distracted and let it burn for a bit.

        • Started thinking about what the next chapter would be like, and how awesome it would be, and continuity issues, and the next thing I knew, the marshmallow was on fire.

            • I’m going into the withdrawals not having any new UDDUP to read. I’m kind of hoping Jesus freaks out when he realizes Mamoru got the better job. Maybe we should make an offering of marshmallows to Mamoru… he might threaten his creator into writing more!

              • You guys are driving down our property value out here, you know 😛

                I guess I probably shouldn’t take any guesses, but we do have the raws and we’re making progress, so I think we’ll be done by Friday night.

                Now off the lawn, or I call the cops.

                • -looks up at NSN with marshmallow in mouth- -Debates leaving- -settles for offering a s’mores-

                  You should be flattered, we don’t have people camping in our yards for releases. 8D

                  • *moves marshmallow to side of mouth so she can talk*

                    But then again, we have the raws for our series already, and everything else we need (translations) is dependant on other people, so we can’t really in good faith announce that a chapter will be out soon.

                    • This is true. Our announcements would be more like:

                      “Managed to tranquilize another translator in the wild, dragging them back to base now. No ETA as of yet, stay tuned.”


      Letting you know, you could just run it through Google Translate. That’s how I get most of my obscure-manga info, as I can’t read Japanese myself; although, it does take a certain degree of skill to get something USEFUL out of the Engrish that Google Translate spits out.

    • Yeah, we found that site some time ago, but it doesn’t have the actual raws. Unfortunately, you have to understand that scanlation isn’t exactly legitimate, particularly for Japanese. We’d basically be asking them to pirate something for us, and we didn’t see any indication they’d be receptive to the idea. We’re still looking for the chapter via other sources though.

    • We used a standard WordPress design called Hemingway and selected white lettering and a black background. That’s it. It suits us just fine, so we didn’t see any reason to design a website ourselves.

  42. Really looking forward to the next chap of UDDUP. Am joining the other campers on your lawn. Thank you for your time and effort! 😀

    (I think you’ve met your record for longest time and it makes me worried that you’ve died. *poke,poke*)

  43. Hi guys, I came to tell you that Vagabond 301 is finally out (after a year and 3 months), but then I read your message for bowing out.
    That’s most graceful of you, so… respect 😉

    Anyway, i’ll keep visiting here and checking things 🙂

  44. hello men

    Do you guys plan to take up Vagabond again?
    It’s been many months since there was a release from Mstream

    There are raws up to 308 floating around

  45. I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication to UDDUP. It’s a wonderful series I almost didn’t read because it’s not a genre I’m normally into, but I’ve gotten scarily addicted to it. Reading your scanlations cheered me up when I really needed it. You’ve put an incredible amount of work into this project! Thanks again for everything you’ve done.

  46. you know I dont usually read the stuff at the end of the chapters but when I am reading one of yours I always read the ending credits are always an interesting read! just thought I would let you know.

  47. I just want to say I really enjoyed your work on Dante’s Divine Comedy and I hope you get a chance to finish it

  48. What i do not realize is actually how you are no longer actually much more well-appreciated than you might be now. You are very intelligent. You realize therefore significantly on the subject of this topic, produced me for my part imagine it from so many numerous angles. Its like men and women aren’t fascinated unless it’s something to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your individual stuffs nice. All the time care for it up!

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