Until Death Do Us Part – Volume 18 translation and scanlations


Thanks go to Heller and sfcvaughn for scanlations.

Chapter 139 – by Heller

Chapter 140 – by Heller

Chapter 141 – by Heller

Chapter 142 – by Heller

Chapter 143 – by Heller

Chapter 144 – by Heller

Chapter 145 – by Heller

Chapter 146 – by Heller

Chapters 139-146 – by sfcvaughn.

(Sorry for the lag in updating this part of the post. Been tied up.)

Original Post:

Ok, here’s volume 18, hope you like it:


I think this volume is awesome. I ran into a few parts that I was like “Oh shit! That was amazing!” as I was transcribing. That said, I think maybe the last volume’s Omake was cooler — I mean, how can you beat Fire Slide… right? Anyways, I haven’t looked into when volume 19 is coming out. I really do like these volume releases a lot more, but I might just have to work with individual chapters. I’ll update when I find out more and decide what to do. Also, I’ll see if I can get another one of the proofers to read through this and clean it up more. The start seems pretty straightforward anyways, so it shouldn’t really effect any early scans.

The usage is the same as previous releases and outlined at the top of the translation. Some of the proofers didn’t have time to really do much for this release, so please alert us to any awkward lines, egregious grammar mistakes, or general misspellings. We’re open to suggestion here — understand occasionally “mistakes” are intentional and “awkward” is a subjective matter though.


It looks like volume 19 is slated for the 25th. I’ll probably wait for that and do a volume release again. As is, there are gaps in the raws available. I can still use the chapters I do have to get a head start. Let’s hope that volume 19 gets scanned fast after release. If it really ends up taking a while though, I’ll see about releasing the chapters I do have. At any rate, it’ll be a number of weeks before it comes to that. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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