Until Death Do Us Part – Volume 18 translation and scanlations


Thanks go to Heller and sfcvaughn for scanlations.

Chapter 139 – by Heller

Chapter 140 – by Heller

Chapter 141 – by Heller

Chapter 142 – by Heller

Chapter 143 – by Heller

Chapter 144 – by Heller

Chapter 145 – by Heller

Chapter 146 – by Heller

Chapters 139-146 – by sfcvaughn.

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Original Post:

Ok, here’s volume 18, hope you like it:


I think this volume is awesome. I ran into a few parts that I was like “Oh shit! That was amazing!” as I was transcribing. That said, I think maybe the last volume’s Omake was cooler — I mean, how can you beat Fire Slide… right? Anyways, I haven’t looked into when volume 19 is coming out. I really do like these volume releases a lot more, but I might just have to work with individual chapters. I’ll update when I find out more and decide what to do. Also, I’ll see if I can get another one of the proofers to read through this and clean it up more. The start seems pretty straightforward anyways, so it shouldn’t really effect any early scans.

The usage is the same as previous releases and outlined at the top of the translation. Some of the proofers didn’t have time to really do much for this release, so please alert us to any awkward lines, egregious grammar mistakes, or general misspellings. We’re open to suggestion here — understand occasionally “mistakes” are intentional and “awkward” is a subjective matter though.


It looks like volume 19 is slated for the 25th. I’ll probably wait for that and do a volume release again. As is, there are gaps in the raws available. I can still use the chapters I do have to get a head start. Let’s hope that volume 19 gets scanned fast after release. If it really ends up taking a while though, I’ll see about releasing the chapters I do have. At any rate, it’ll be a number of weeks before it comes to that. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. You guys are just the most awesome there is, and hope you can read this:

  2. Thank you so much for all your hard work, guys! We know it takes a lot of your time, so I can’t possibly thank you enough. ^_^

  3. Warning for long comment! Here is my attempt at proofreading.

    012: Very minor suggestion: can “protracted” be changed to “prolonged”? I know it means the same thing, but the latter is more well-known, I think; I had to look up “protracted.” On the other hand, leaving it as is may lead to a vocabulary expansion, at least for me. 🙂

    030: I find the narration kind of confusing. It’s the double negative. To clarify for my own understanding: Because the people involved are prepared to die, any future for them is ordinary?
    “When the men fighting within it live prepared to die.” Might there be a better way to word this? Maybe “… within it are prepared to die”. There’s a nuance that’s hard to capture. “… are fully prepared for death”? I probably should just leave it alone now.

    047: Minor: “alright” should be “all right”. My dictionary acknowledges it is widely used, but it remains nonstandard still.

    073: There’s a Japanese character left there. Just thought you should know.

    078: Maybe combine the two “that”‘s into one?

    082: “I’ve haven’t” should be “I haven’t”

    083: “Guite so” should be “Quite so”
    “snipers movements” should be either “sniper’s movements” or “snipers’ movements”

    085: “I’ve see this” should be “I’ve seen this”

    087: Clarification: So Mamoru is NOT holding back the battle strain very much? Logic dictates usually it’s the other way.

    090: Minor: “alright” again.

    091: “evade at range” should be “evade at a range”
    Minor: “terrifying skill” should be “terrifying skills”. I’m not sure about this one, actually. Looking it up didn’t really help.
    There’s the “skill” again, which you can disregard. “to formidable opponent” should be “to a formidable opponent”

    098: Odd wording. Maybe “Seems fate intends that…” or “Seems fate insists that…”? Otherwise, the usual way it’s worded is, “Seems fate is intent on my not running into…” but I’ve heard that’s too awkward for some people. It’s “my,” not “me” because “(not) running” is a gerund which functions as a noun, but this is so nitpicky it only came up in my English class back then where I lost 5 points for it. Use “me” if you like.
    I thought the guy’s name is Kaiser?

    101: “every stoke” should be “every stroke”

    103: I think you mean, “He’s got a better grip on the handle.”

    109: “through any objects that exist” should be “through any object that exists”
    “any material the exists” should be “any material that exists”

    118: “a nuisances” should be “a nuisance”

    129: “He drew an ∞ symbol from with deep forward rush” should be “He drew an ∞ symbol with a deep forward thrust,” or something like that.
    “to be able manage” should be “to be able to manage”

    130: Clarification: Is it “your guys’ boss” or “you guys’ boss” that you mean?

    135: “countless time” should be “countless times”

    136: “first had” should be “first hand”
    “to respond to in time” should be “to respond to it in time”

    137: “you trying say” should be “you trying to say”
    Strike out one “the” from “take into account the the special”

    139: “Normally soldier” should be “Normally soldiers”

    141: Minor: “wouldn’t you better know” flows better as, “wouldn’t you know better”
    (Off-topic: Oooh, Zelm was totally into her!)

    145: Clarification: Do you mean, “You can shoot magnificently well from that position”? “In that position”?

    151: Strike the last “up” from “I’m going to back up Jesus and the others up.”

    152 (Off-topic: “Prescience:” second new word of the day!)

    160: Minor: Another “alright”

    164: “100 meter” should be either “100 meters” or “100-meter”

    169: Minor: “limit” and “expectation” should be plural, I think.
    “You judgement” should be “Your judgement”

    184 (Off-topic: in the t/n, I think you mean either an exclamation or an expletive. Please don’t kill me…)

    186: “condition” should be plural.

    194: “all of the sudden” should be “all of a sudden”

    198: “you boss” should be “your boss”

    I might’ve missed something but I’m done. I was focusing so hard my head is pounding. Hope it helps! Thank you so much for another volume’s translation!

    • >012: To me, “protracted” seems to be used more in reference to fighting or conflict, though “prolonged” doesn’t sound any worse really. I’ll ask a few people which they feel is better.
      >030: We had a lot of trouble with these lines. To start, it’s weird that there’s narration all of a sudden. On top of that, the whole thing is laid out somewhat poetically. I had wanted to carry some of that over, but it was hard to make some of it understandable. As for the meaning, basically it’s saying that anything can happen since they’re fighting with their all. It’s definitely one of the areas I was and am looking at — very specifically the “No matter the future[…]” line.
      >047: The line is pretty formal, so “all right” is better. Changed.
      >073: Fixed.
      >078: That’s one of those lines that sounds better spoken than it looks written — an interesting effect that I run into a lot in translating manga. I had originally had it as one that, but the proofer suggested a second. He wasn’t too insistent about it though. I’ll revert it to one.
      >082: Fixed.
      >083: Fixed.
      >085: Fixed.
      >087: It had too much info crammed into too little of a space and was a bit ambiguous. The contextual information gained from “battle” isn’t worth how awkward it makes the line, and “[suppress/reduce] as little as possible” sounds better as “not [suppress/reduce] much” while meaning roughly the same thing. Changed.
      >090: Pretty informal. I think the usage works here. (maybe “ok” would be better?)
      – Fixed.
      – You can say it either way since “skill” can refer to his collective set of skills singularly as a group.
      – Fixed.
      – Reworded the start in a different way that hopefully sounds better.
      – Is that what we’ve been using? I actually forget the english translations we make for characters’ names sometimes >_>. Changed. I’ll double check what we’ve said in previous translations sometime.
      >101: Fixed.
      >103: Actually, the previous line is part of the same sentence and is the subject, but that doesn’t read well as is. Changing it to be hopefully clearer.
      – Pluralization isn’t explicit in Japanese, but I like the sound of your suggestion more.
      – Fixed.
      >118: Fixed.
      – It’s a pretty ambiguous word for “rush/thrust”, but I like yours more in the context.
      – Fixed.
      >130: I think the meaning is the same, but “you guys’ ” would just be more colloquial.
      >135: Fixed. (I am just the translator for this page. These are not my words. <- Sorry, I felt like I needed to say that somewhere, just in case.)
      – Fixed.
      – Fixed.
      – Fixed.
      – Fixed.
      >139: Fixed in a different way.
      >141: Not sure. Will get some more opinions.
      >150: (145:) No, he means shooting from the hip rather than down the scope.
      >151: Fixed.
      >152: Woops, unlearn that new word! It was just spell-check gone awry. You can replace it with a different new word: "presence". I'm sure that's just as good, right?
      >160: Sentence enders are pretty informal, so it should be fine.
      >164: "100-meter", fixed.
      >169: Fixed.
      >184: Fixed.
      >186: Fixed.
      >194: Fixed.
      >198: Fixed.

      Fantastic! That really makes me feel better. Like I’ve been saying the proofers didn’t have much time (finals for the one I was able to get), and my brain sort of just glides over those little errors when I’ve been looking at it so long.

      Thanks a ton for your help.

      • You’re very welcome! I’m so glad dv is also giving it a go. I’m only good for the cosmetic changes, not so much of the sentence wording since I don’t know any Japanese and can’t pick up the nuances you’re trying to capture.

        012: I actually don’t remember ever seeing “protracted” before except as “(a) protractor,” and thought it meant the opposite of its meaning because I associated it with “retracted,” but use it if you like by all means.

        030: If I may take some liberties, a suggestion for the line is, “No future is unexpected = when it involves fighting men who are fully prepared for death.” Perhaps, “No future is unexpected = when the men fighting within it are constantly prepared for death.”

        Other pick and choose options for each section:
        No matter the path the future takes (No matter which path the future takes; No matter which future is to come)[,]

        it is not unexpected (it remains unexceptional; it is never unusual/exceptional/etc.; it is not considered unusual/exceptional/etc.) =

        when it involves fighting men who live, always prepared to die (when it involves fighting men who are prepared for death; when it involves fighting men who live in preparation for death; when the men who fight for it are prepared for death; when it involves a fight between men who live, always prepared to die/[etc. options on the end part]; when the battling/fighting men involved are prepared to die; when within it, the men who are prepared for death/to die are fighting/battling).”

        Does it help at all? It really depends on which part you mean to emphasize: that they are prepared for death/to die, that they LIVE prepared to die, that they are FIGHTING within that future, or that they are fighting FOR that future (this one’s a stretch). I hope you’ll figure it out.

        090: “OK” is fine. I prefer “okay” only because I always spell it out unless I’m in a big hurry, so it’s a personal thing.

        135: As a woman, I forgive you. XD This page reminds me, you sometimes capitalize “trump(s)” and sometimes not. I didn’t mention it (among other capitalization inconsistencies) because I thought that in typesetting, usually the font is in all-caps so it doesn’t really matter.

        On the topic of “diffuse,” yes, it is also an adjective. I saw that and looked it up, too. lol On the topic of “prescience,” “presence” would indeed make more sense, but I’m glad to learn the new word anyway!

          • Yes! Okay, I’m not a (*coughs*the only*coughs*) weirdo. lol

            Well, Zelm was saying some rather sexist things, so I thought I should clarify the personal basis on which I’m handing out forgiveness. 🙂

            By the way, dv, a lot of places have UDDUP volume 18 raws right now. If you really want it, you can google it using “Until Death Do Us Part volume 18 raw” for links.

            • No, man, it should be even be considered weird to like to/be able to spell things correctly. This is just a pathetic state of affairs, when lack of education creates pride (in any situation; I don’t mean the obviously acceptable use of OK v. okay).

              OH! That! I didn’t realize it was page 135. Must have suppressed the memory. I was confused as to why you had to forgive someone for being a translator. XD Yeah, I wanted to stab someone in the neck. That whole fucking “at their core, men are hunters, and therefore stronger, more useful, providers of women, etc.” is such bullshit. You came from a goddamn vagina, so when you can squeeze a human being out of an orifice and survive to raise it (look up the history of eclampsia if you want to feel like killing sexist doctors), you can talk. Omg and women are totally providers. And good with knives due to sexism, but also because many like to be able to feed themselves. Holy shit, I can’t forgive that crap at all. It’s such a confirmation of the ability to do violence and then idolize it. I thought he was okay when he clearly respected Tiger before and I seriously cannot believe he is even spouting that crap when the basis of that respect is her saving his clearly useless ass. Male privilege is amazing. Can’t see it even when confronted by their own words.

              Yeah, I realize… just… lazy to go through it again. I think I made okay inferences. Kind of like the mystery of not knowing what’s going on as a reader, too.

              • I hope you meant, “It should not even be considered weird”? My grown-up Christmas list includes the wish that people would be able to distinguish between your and you’re; they’re, their, and there; lose and loose; bear and bare; pore and pour (as in, poring over a document); definitely, not definately or defiantly; etc. On another note, from a fellow grammar stickler, do you believe in the Oxford comma (the serial comma) still? I heard that it died about a year back and was a little heart-broken; I can’t let it go.

                Actually, I had to go and look up that page again also before I realized what the disclaimer was for. Yeah, Zelm is… special, as my friend would say. Thanks for speaking up for us! On the topic of knives, riddle me this as well, while women are supposed to “stay in the kitchen,” the ubiquitous image of a professional, top chef in media is most often a man. Hmm. I’ll just leave it at that, yeah.

                • Yes, sorry. Omg though defiantly is the worst. holy shit. Systemic and systematic, alternative and alternate, effect and affect, semi-colons… there are too many. HAHAHAH. IT WILL LIVE SO LONG AS MY FRIENDS AND I LIVE. It’s super important and will never die. It’s the only way to know if you’re in a room with Frodo, Snape and crack or Frodo, Snape, and crack.

                  Took me a while, too. The sad thing is, he’s not special. He’s the majority. He’s the social, legal, criminal, economic, educational, etc etc system. Well, that’s because he’s a professional. Why would you pay, respect, and idolize a woman to do something you could pay a man to do! Successful women role models? Pshaw, that’s just silly. Also, women not feeling comfortable in a field which is famous for the misogyny, substance abuse, disrespect, occasional violence, macho hygiene, etc.? That’s just a stupid little little concern only brainless girlies would bring up and none of that exists anyway! And a woman in the kitchen working towards HER career and not fully supporting her romantic/sexual partner’s? Well, she’s just a selfish little bitch who needs to be hit. (Language is so terrible, I’m sorry, but let’s face it, no matter how much we might hate men or a man, we can never reach current or historical levels of discrimination.) On a really depressing note, this shit even expands into the field of super educated researchers and educators: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/cosmicvariance/2012/09/19/scientists-your-gender-bias-is-showing/

                  No one should be thanked for speaking up in support of treating people decently when doing so only makes me a decent human being. It’s the silence from those who profess to be equal rights supporters which needs the attention (like assholes on the bus keeping their heads down while someone is being verbally abused and physically threatened, and then acting apologetic after. where the fuck were you when I needed you. and they wonder why we get pissed so easily ugh okay I am going to stop here or I never will ahahah).

                  • Very interesting article! One of the comments there suggested a second study which I would like to see, too. I appreciate the depths of your feelings over this issue. I hope you can take it easy for the holidays and don’t get too stressed out. Merry Christmas!

                    (Viva the Oxford comma!)

                    • Hahahah, merry christmas! Naw, I’m not that stressed at all. I am just the tip of the iceberg and consider myself a moderate. If you’re interested, you should check out Andrea Dworkin. She writes about feminism awesomely.

                      (Hey, spanish! I shall join in: Vive le “Oxford comma”… mais… ne l’existe pas en francais…)

                  • Equal rights does not mean living in the delusion that both sex are equally fit for everything. Equal rights means both sexes have the same freedom to do whatever they see fit within the law.

                    What Zelm says is pretty much common sense. Women are physically weaker and although some can be good combatants, at the top , they simply can’t compete. That is why you split Olympic games by gender, among other things.

                    • Simply: I am neither deluded nor that stupid, and am giving you the benefit of a doubt that you do understand the problems inherent in his mindset and have merely chosen to divert the topic. Thank you for the advice.

                    • @dv: Nope. I am just sensible enough to be able to not see things that are not there, but by all means, keep finding “problems” everywhere and playing the role of victim and see where it takes you. Oh and btw, Andrea Dworkin is an idiot and a radical femist (the derogatory term real feminists use for these disgruntled radicals). Her name and “awesome” are concepts that simply do not mix.

  4. Okay, am a proofreading asshole and it’s 3 am, but I went at it as if it were my group so 3am is pretty normal. XD If I erased any italics, ignore it. I didn’t take care to add html. It looks long but it’s mostly minor stuff. Chapters 139-140 for now.
    Notes. Inline [] = minor changes; () = explanations/alternative choices; > = changed version/direct questions

    In the end, it’s your own life path. > your life

    …… > …

    …What can I say at a time like this……!? > What can I say at a time like this…?!
    …Mamoru-san… > Mamoru-san…
    (Ellipses starting a sentence isn’t a thing.)

    We won’t have a chance if we don’t get things moving here[,] though.

    Think only of the two of them attacking with full force! > Only think about those two attacking in full force!
    (Grammar+flow; “Just think about” works, too.)

    …Roger…… > Roger…

    Un-…Understood…… > Un-Understood…
    (Redundant; two pauses unlikely)

    Haruka, report what’s going on behind the glass where I can’t see. > Haruka, I can’t see behind the glass – report what’s going on.
    (Or replace dash with period.)

    Igawa, make calculations based on what I tell you from here on [out].

    If an opportunity presents itself, we’ll move on it immediately[!] (Don’t worry; you really don’t need all the !!!!! to feel the tension, but leaving them in won’t kill anyone, but I feel so many is desensitizing.)

    Ch[e]! The party’s in the other room. (“che” because no asian will say “chi” with a hard “E” in consternation.)

    !? > ?!

    I’d wanted to meet you again! > I wanted to meet you again!
    (Technically correct but that’s awkward as dialogue, debatable as the timeline of events is not unclear, and not widely used outside of ESL/linguistics in casual settings.)

    It is a nuisance though. I’m a poor match for him if I don’t get some range since he can send out those winding attacks. >
    It is a nuisance, though. I’m a poor match for him if I don’t get some distance, because of those winding attacks.
    (Or more loyally: “I’m a poor match for him if I don’t increase the range, since he can send out those winding attacks.”)

    (Also, “protracted” sounds way better to me. It’s such a great word.)

    Idiot! What’re you doing here[?!]

    A white girl with a rifle[?!] = Elements?

    Get down[!]

    …!! > …!

    tangled up in this[!]

    …Step aside, japanese guy… > Step aside, japanese guy…
    (I don’t know; if this is a conjoined bubble or something, maybe “Step aside… japanese guy…” but I feel it adds an unintended dramatic break.)

    …… > …

    You hear me[?!]

    You bastards[…]

    …What’re you doing……!? > What are you doing…?!
    (Sounds okay but not really a contraction, also arguable as “what are” naturally sounds slurred/contracted.)

    It’s a specially ordered three step extendable baton. > three step expandable baton.
    (Wrong name. Iffy about “step” but “shaft” and “segment” are worse hahaha. “Part” is okay but ehh.)

    Ch[e]… What’s got him so fired up[…]?

    I’d originally got it to use against Hijikata, but… > I originally
    (Again, technically correct but not necessary.)




    No break[?!]


    [Che]… Man, this is annoying[…]

    Now[,] let’s give them a bit of a surprise.
    (Optional; I think this adds a bit of a confident smirking feel rather than a quick and immediate charge, so whatever fits the scene.)

    Is he aiming for something[?!]

    He guided the blade he threw to come down on the enemy!? > He guided the blade to come down on the enemy?!
    (Ahhhh, totally a line I need the raws for. I’m assuming we saw Hijikata throw his katana previously, hence redundancy; this is Igawa or something, hence formal and categorical “enemy”; and that this is an enemy, not ally turned enemy, otherwise something less evocative like “opponent”?)

    You’d go so far[?!]

    Igawa! Now[!]

    CHAPTER 140

    …At no time is the future set in stone…… > At no time is the future set in stone…

    All the elements are too diffuse[d].
    (Can’t use verb form as adj.)

    No matter what future that comes to be, never is it extraordinary- When the men fighting within it live prepared to die.
    > I hate this section, too. Uhhh, do you want “No matter which future comes to be, it is never ordinary… when the men fighting live prepared to die.”
    Do you want “ordinary” because the whole point is that these dudes and events are “extraordinary”? And “within it”? Within what? The future in question? Because the previous sentence implies that one future will be determined by these current events, meaning whatever the conclusion of the fight is. Ugh, feels wordy but maybe “live in preparation of death.”?

    …Launch it…… > Launch it…
    (Is an actual item being launched or is it engaging a button/switch etc.? If latter, “Launch…”, though I’m just being picky.)


    What’s he doing[?!]

    Nuh…[add space]aaah!!

    Impossible[!] (treating this as one train of thought in response to one action but if “He’s making his move?!” is another action, “?!” will also be acceptable.)

    He’s making his move[?!]




    (Why is “Amateur” capitalized? It doesn’t matter but…)

    …A cop…? > A cop…?



    Are they both all right for now…?

    …You’re wrong of course…… > No, you’re wrong…

    …Of course not… > Of course not…

    It was ad lib[bed].


    It was then [that] I understood your true intentions.

    No, it’s a tie as it stands, one victory one loss. > No, as it stands, it’s a tie with one victory, one loss. (depending on typesetting, “it’s a tie… one victory, one loss.” looks good.)

    If we have a real match later, then we’ll start off from there[.]

    Damn sword-tard! > Damn swords nerd!
    (Wouldn’t ‘tard’ mean he’s incompetent with a sword? Also, ableist.)

    …Can’t be helped…… > Can’t be helped…

    …They’re coming……? > They’re coming…?
    (Or “They’re… coming?” if intention is to indicate surprise at subject rather than action.)

  5. CHAPTER 141


    Let’s go[!]


    She’ll live with the regret her whole life if she’s the cause for killing. > She’ll live with regret for her whole life if she’s why you killed.
    (Even assuming it’s Tate, it feels super awkward. Difficult. Maybe something like: “She’ll carry regret for her entire life if she’s the reason for a death.”)

    …shuddup… > shuddup…

    …I see… = How badly does he hate losing…!? > I see… = How badly does he hate losing…?!

    Well, once the fighting has begun, Sensei[,] would

    …Can’t be helped… the students are the priority here. > Can’t be helped… the students are the priority here…

    I wasn’t expecting it, but here we all are[,] having the long-awaited showdown.

    What’s going on here[?!]

    ch[e]… That’s fine…

    When did he[?!]

    …Was this where we left off? > Was this where we left off…?





    Your true strength was that much different!? > This is your true strength?!
    (Or anything else less awkward.)


    There’s a fundamental difference [between] levels of weapon training. (slightly awk)

    He’s got at least 5 year more than you idiots. = That guy, yes, he’ll continue his nearly two decades of handling the Katana. > He’s got at least five years on you idiots. = Yes, that guy, he’ll continue training after nearly twenty years.
    (Super awk; this is my best attempt atm. Strictly speaking, “two decades” would be fine, and so would an ellipses at the end.)

    Everyone[,] fall back. (Jp doesn’t like commas but I’m assuming dude wants this level of drama)

    I’ll be his opponent[.]



    …I was surprised though… > I was surprised though…


    Did you know [that] Anna girl would throw herself from so high without any hesitation? (because it’s awkward to read as dialogue – breaks the flow/mood for the reader who has to do a doubletake – and both options are acceptable, preference should be given to one “that”.)

    If she’d have hesitated even a bit, > If she hesitated even a bit,
    (Technically should be “If she had hesitated” but again, while proper, not necessary… but you can go with this if you want since it gives more of a formal air.)

    I didn’t think she’d be fit for that if she had half-hearted resolution. > if she was half-heartedly resolute. (slightly awk)

    …Was that the conclusion of your investigation…? > no first …

    “If you know thyself and know thy enemy, then you shall not fear a hundred battles”, those are Sun Tzu’s words, correct?
    > If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
    > If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.
    (Ugh, translating chinese sayings is the worst. Just options.)

    …That’s fine… > That’s fine…


    Oh man oh man this looks so exciting, but I need to sleep.

    • For any ellipse, “——“, or sentence ending punctuation, I more or less just leave it as it was in Japanese. I understand the usage differences, but it also tends to contain actual information, and I like to default closer rather than farther from the Japanese. The point at which I might cut or change them is during scanlation when it becomes visually clear that it doesn’t look good, but not before that.

      For example, leading “…” can convey meaning and can end up looking alright in a scanlation (on their own line in the bubble sometimes). Other times, it can make the whole bubble look awkward despite adding very little meaning. It’s hard to see that ahead of time, so I leave it in since I’m not at the point of scanlation.

      Along the same likes, I leave “chi” as is. It could be “che”, “tsk”, etc but it’s basically personal preference.

      >006: The line is already cutting out additional information, but I agree it doesn’t flow as well. I’d rather come up with an alternative that keeps as much of the information as possible.

      >007: Fixed

      >008: “Just think” and “out” work better. Changed.

      >011: Better.

      >012: Sort of rewrote it closer to what you had.

      – It’s a pretty short phrase, so I contracted it.
      – I actually thought about the baton line and couldn’t really think of a better word than basically what the Japanese had.
      – I actually disagree with that last one. I think speaking it, I’d say “I’d”. Manga is this interesting middle ground between spoken and written language and in this case I’d lean towards what I’d speak.

      >021: Yeah, the no comma expresses a lack of pause in saying it. I like it.

      >025: This line is already parsed down in phrasing.

      >029: I think diffuse is an adjective as well, if not more commonly.

      >030: Ok, here’s the literal so people can see what we’re working with:
      “No matter what kind of future arrives, it is not (strong but not formal copula) [strange/unexpected/unusual/extraordinary], / when the men who are living ready to die in that are fighting.”
      This line has been a big issue of debate for us. We’re not going to just take the meaning and rewrite it completely, so it’s tough.

      >044: It was furigana, so I just instinctively capitalized (a lot of times it’s a proper noun in furigana).

      >048: Zelm kind of talks a bit formally. I’ll ask some other people what they think.

      >049: Mamoru actually just say “ado ribu sa” (yes, that’s Japanese phonetics for “ad lib”), so I’d like to not add even more to that.

      – Added “that”.
      – The victory and lost part is technically it’s own separate sentence. I’d like to not muddle that even further than I have.
      – He’s being pretty rude here, so sword-tard seems to work for me. I think the meaning is clear enough in the context.

      >060: I kinda liked the alliteration, but I’ll ask people if it’s too stilted.

      >062: Fixed.

      >063: Fixed.

      >073: It makes the line a lot better. Changed.

      >074: Changed it around. Hopefully less awkward.

      – That change must have got reverted, because we had changed it to one “that”.
      – Yeah, I think the formality works here.
      – Changed the resolute part.

      – I took a commonly used translation that matched the Japanese closely.

      Thanks for your help. I am a lot more happy with a lot of those lines now. I have to start asking around about these lines I’ve said I might change now.

      • Yeah, I get it; a lot of this is style and dialect. I don’t do final judgement on those things until QC, but the ellipses and ?! (which should technically be an interrobang but no one uses it and it’s not on the keyboard so.) are just pet peeves of mine.

        006: Cutting out “own” doesn’t take away any information because it’s redundant but, eh, rules are squiggly for dialogue, but maybe:
        In the end, it’s your life’s path.
        You must make the choice to live by for yourself, unfettered by possible futures!
        (Hn, I feel, uncomfortably, like the ‘unfettered’ part needs some weight, like, “unfettered by influencing possible futures!”)

        016: Haha, okay. I do say both, but you’re right; the “but…” adds some consideration which should have weighed more on my consideration.

        029: It is, and to use it as an adj here is fine though probably uncommon. My first instinct was to see a verb so I had to fix my pronounciation (dialect, I guess. Should should probably say I’m Canadian, here.), whereas ‘diffused’ avoided ambivalence for me.

        030: Ah, okay, thanks. I see. I like the literal tbh. It’s long but how about: “No matter what kind of future arrives, it won’t be unusual / when men, who live ready to die, are fighting.”

        048: It’s fine; maybe just add a comma: “You’re wrong[,] of course”

        049: Sorry, yeah, I was tired and stupid because it’s actually fine; the proper, unshortened “ad lib” doesn’t visibly conjugate for past tense so the abbrv. wouldn’t either.

        053: Ah, I see. (Unrelated but you mean, “The victory and lost part is technically [its] own separate sentence.” ;;>>)

        074: It’s better. Need period after “opponent”.

        Thanks for thanks. XD Really enjoying UDDUP so this is fun.

        • >006:
          – I think I “to live” is less awkward than “path” while keeping the emphasis on that it’s her own. I’ll check this again later.
          – “potential futures” probably conveys the meaning better than “possible futures”
          >029: I think we might be coming from different experience sets on this one.
          >030: Still thinking on this one.
          >048: Fixed.
          >053: Oh man, my comments are getting proofed. I’m in serious trouble now. (I make a ton of stupid mistakes in these comments.) <- I just edited to add an "s" to "comments". See what I mean?
          >074: Fixed.

          I am looking at changing more of these lines, I just need time for my brain to acclimation to the ideas so I can approach them from a more balanced viewpoint. When I first finish a rough translation, I absolutely can't proof it for about a day after since my brain is still thinking of it from a Japanese grammar perspective. The effect persists for quite some time and nags at me to not lose any information from the original Japanese. Indeed, I hate translations that rewrite everything from the gist of the original, but I understand you can go to far the other way just as easily. It's a balancing act that can really be tortuous sometimes, But hopefully [with help], I can more fairly make the judgment "no, the loss of awkwardness here is worth more than the loss of information".

          Anyways, I have to attend to Christmas stuff, so I'll get to your other comment in a little bit.

          • 006. Meant “You must make the choice to live by yourself” in my above comment, sorry.

            Hahaha, sorry, I won’t pick on your comments more than that little one… just that much made me feel I was overstepping.

            Yeah, I get it. Will try not to nag. Eat a lot, drink a lot, sleep it off, and have happy hols!

            • Oh, no. I mean that I have a natural tendency towards stiff literal interpretations and it helps when there is a push back from proof readers to balance that out (regardless of whatever actual changes take place).

              Anyhow, I’ll get to that last comment probably tomorrow. Again, thanks for your help.

  6. Actually, I am starting to wonder if Haruka might actually knew all the events that would come to pass and it was her plan all along to get captured (would be kinda cool though I doubt the author will take that direction).

  7. CHAPTER 142

    likewise > also

    They’re not enough to worry about[,] though.

    It the first time I’ve seen this. > It’s

    spilt > spilled (unproper like saying ‘learnt’, though maybe this is a US english thing???)

    CHAPTER 143

    …If this guy[‘]s a pro, he’s not facing too much danger……

    If you’d have seen through my straight, forward motion, even a baby could’ve avoided me! (assuming you mean motion that goes straight and forward rather than ‘straightforward’.)

    Really I just steadily closed the distance between us. > I really just (slight awk)

    No, you did splendid[ly], detective Genda.

    CHAPTER 144

    …”Go to the others’ aid”?…… Shit! > Just want to let you know that the first quotation mark is a closing one, in case it makes any difference in TS.

    There’s no reason why he and Jesus are able > were able

    Unfortunately, a stray bullet from a firefight hit a standing tree and then penetrated my leg.
    > Isn’t firefighting literally fighting fire with fire? Maybe just “battle” or something?

    I have no idea; wouldn’t you better know why the Tiger saved me? > know better
    (awk b/c the lone phrase, “you better know” or “you’d better know” is aggressive/threatening, so it throws the pacing off.)

    (142: Minamidouge sounds familiar but I couldn’t find it… I wouldn’t mind if it was used instead.)

    CHAPTER 145

    (151: Who’s Manami? Shit, and I just reread this recently.)

    He’s carrying his weapons in his clothing > clothes

    If I aim straight towards it, his counter weight will shoot right back at him!! > Kind of unclear. Whose counterweight? And what’s the weight it’s countering? If it’s a person, we don’t have counterweights, just opposing force of gravity? Is this the ball on a string dude? Er, assuming it’s a ball and we’re talking about Jesus basically bouncing it back, maybe: “If I aim straight at it, the countering weight will make it shoot right back at him!!”

    Eat what you yourself sped up!! > This sounds weird but I guess it works in the context of a bouncy ball (which I kind of still find eyebrow raising but eh).

    Someone other than me killed Jesus!? > Someone else killed Jesus?! (just sounds better)

    Does he just get tougher no matter the battles he’s had? > no matter what battles he’s had?

    CHAPTER 146

    I’ve got no more rounds as margin for error. > for margin of error.

    While it was being deforming from the impact of the first shot, > While it was being deformed from

    (184 HAHAH! That’s my name! Never gets old.)

    It’s no wonder that I was overwhelmed. From the onset you two were a damn duo. > It’s no wonder I was overwhelmed. From the onset[,] you two were a damn duo.

    201: license[.]

    Whoo! Done. What a sausage fest with so many hard ons for Hijikata’s skills.

    • >084: Seem like Zelm’s diction to me.
      >085: Fixed.
      >101: I think either works in American English (I guess spilled it probably more common in written), but spilt sounds more like it would be spoken here. I might change it if more people think the written is better than spoken. This looks like another written vs. spoken case.
      >113: Fixed.
      >116: Actually, it’s supposed to be straightforward as in the description of the physical motion and the tactic being blunt. Removed the space.
      >117: Yeah, better, changing.
      >118: Fixed.
      >134: Google docs decided that’s how it’s going to be, I guess.
      >135: Fixed.
      >139: Firefight is commonly used to mean a battle specifically with guns in my experience.
      >141: It’s a bit sing-songy in Japanese.
      >142: I think it was similar to the other hospital name where the arm he stole was. I did check that it was not the same one though.
      >151: Tiger. It gets mentioned like once.
      >152: Changed.
      >156: Oh, did I not call it a counter weight before? That’s the literal translation for what everyone calls his ball when they don’t actually say “ball”. I need to come up with a word like “weighted object” that’s not so awkward.
      >157: Yeah, I mean, there wasn’t much I could think of there. Technically he said accelerated, so at least it’s not that awkward.
      >158: The context fills in the information gaps well enough there, and it sound a lot better. Changed.
      >169: The meaning was more the amount. I think I parsed it down too much there. Changed it.
      >179: Of is better, but I’m not sure about for. Changed the phrasing, might change it again.
      >183: Fixed.
      >193: Fixed.
      >201: Fixed.

      Whew. Still have to take another look at a few of those lines. Anyways, back to holiday stuff. Happy new year everyone.

      • 156: Ohhhhh. I kept on thinking you meant the force countering the motion of the ball, resulting in a change in direction, rather than the ball itself. I didn’t really mind ‘weighted object’ because it really is hard to describe… it’s not really a counter weight to the dude since that implies an equally opposite force (though of course it’s not a constant and this ball is fucking weird so maybe it is an equal force to say, his punch… blargh, whatever), but perhaps a ‘countering weight’?

        Thanks for answering my parentheses and clearing up a other things. Happy new year. Hope no one gets burned by firecrackers/works.

  8. Can anyone tell me where I can find v18 raws? I tried Jcafe but didn’t find anything. I’d love to try my hand at releasing the translated scans for people.

  9. Nevermind. I got bored and decided to finish the chapter. Check batoto in a bit and you should be able to read it. Please,please,please! Give me any criticism you feel you must. I want go get better at this.

  10. I have a translation question about page 129 of chapter 143.

    >But the physical ability to be able to manage that path with a heavy war tachi.

    That doesn’t sound right to me. I’m also not sure how I could change it around to make it sound right. Can I get some help on that one please?

  11. It’s really funny, how every badass character got a loli but not Jesus^^ Btw, what does Mamoru eat for breakfast? Sliced arm with dried blood or why does he always cut them off?
    Also interesting how Zelm could tell his old story without dying of blood loss, guess it’s because he’s so old, so his blood has dried as well.

    P.S. Thanks for your scanlations from nice old Germany and please continue to do so until it’s all done.

    P.P.S. Could you also translate Jesus? I know there’ve been only 20 chapters scanlated, so we’re missing 105 from the first series, after that there’s a sequel I think; if you do that, it’d make you nearly Mamoru-awesome 😉

  12. Thanks so much for all the hard and fast work on volume 18 – I think that it was the best volume yet!!! Loved the three best guys in mangadom in one volume!!!

  13. Sorry for not updating the main post with the scanlations. I’ve been really, really sick the past couple days.

  14. Thank you thank you thank you so much for everything ! I understand that’s a lot of work so I’m really grateful like 10 000 times ! So actually quite a lot of you understand japanese isn’t it ? I wonder, are there any summaries of the last chapters (147-159) somewhere ?

  15. Firstly, pardon me if what I typed below considered to be an unnecessary spoiler.

    My rummaging-the-virtual-world-in-the-dead-of-the-night resulted in finding the latest chapters in raw already up to chapter 159, and from what I can tell with my so-so japanese, there will be more slot time (is that even used in the right context here :p) for Genda, Aegis and Jesus, Igawa will face his own demon and Mamoru already set himself to be well prepared for the very beginning of an extreme hot water situation…

    • I’ve skimmed the raws. I unfortunately don’t speak japanese but the next arc seems pretty neat. I just wish they’d get off this “bad guy of the week” style.

  16. Guys, I’ve reupped the first 3-4 chapters I did on Batoto. Mspaint looked shitty and I re did them in photoshop to match the rest. Haven’t gotten to 142 yet but I will.

  17. Nope , really I don’t know a lot but I think they’re good ones ! In my case I found them on Jcafe ! Someone called DarkDoom posted them.
    Good luck for the translation !! I’m really looking forward to it !! >.<

  18. Hey, are you aware that Kirei Cake has scanlated and posted the next chapter? Just thought I’d mention it here in case you didn’t know. From the way they talked on their site, it seemed like they hadn’t talked to you about it…

    • I don’t think we got any notification — hopefully I didn’t miss it. It doesn’t matter though; I’ve always said that if a group is falling behind (we are), I don’t see an issue with a new group doing some work on it. It’s better than the series suffering when there’s a community able and willing to work on it. Not to say that’s an endorsement of behaving with malicious intent as is sometimes the case in the scanlation community, but that is almost certainly not the case here.

      Anyways, I’ll get back to it after I finish some stuff up — sorry, no ETA still — but in the meantime enjoy their work. I wish them good luck with it.

  19. Still waiting for you guys, you guys are one of the best around here who ever translated this awesome manga, hopefully we’ll see each other again in someday.

  20. I agree with Heller. I myself probably won’t do any typesetting for this one but should I decide to do it again I’ll take NSN’s translations over anyone else’s.

  21. It is going to take you a long time to get any kind of return on that investment.
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    They are usually setup at home with adequate amount of space.

  22. Hello sir, I’ve been a fan of your Scanlations ever since UDDUP. Recently I’ve started reading Vagabond and I gotta say..I freaking love your comments ! (Go Blind guy! and we want to see Musashi kill in lol)

    Kind regards,

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