Until Death Do Us part – c.128 Translations


Niry has been kind enough to once again scanlate the chapter for us. Be sure to thank them for their efforts!



Here’s another UDDUP translation.


(Go ahead and tell us if you think any lines in particular are awkward sounding or could be better phrased.  Since this is still a very much mutable product, we might as well improve it. We got a few good, though minor, change suggestions last time. Note that some translation issues can be more nuanced than they would externally appear, so we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to address every thing, but that said, we’ll check it out.)

Anyhow, you may have noticed that Vagabond got picked up by Mangastream. They are a fast, high quality scanlation group that will be able to give Vagabond more attention than us. That being the case, we’ll step aside and let them handle things. As Vagabond fans, we’re grateful for their effort and would like to wish them luck in their endeavors.

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