Until Death Do Us part – c.128 Translations


Niry has been kind enough to once again scanlate the chapter for us. Be sure to thank them for their efforts!



Here’s another UDDUP translation.


(Go ahead and tell us if you think any lines in particular are awkward sounding or could be better phrased.  Since this is still a very much mutable product, we might as well improve it. We got a few good, though minor, change suggestions last time. Note that some translation issues can be more nuanced than they would externally appear, so we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to address every thing, but that said, we’ll check it out.)

Anyhow, you may have noticed that Vagabond got picked up by Mangastream. They are a fast, high quality scanlation group that will be able to give Vagabond more attention than us. That being the case, we’ll step aside and let them handle things. As Vagabond fans, we’re grateful for their effort and would like to wish them luck in their endeavors.

32 responses to “Until Death Do Us part – c.128 Translations

  1. Mangastream also has a painful history of picking up a series, translating a few chapters quickly (beating the other groups actually taking their time to properly QC the releases to the punch) and then dropping it. Sometimes the original group picks up the TL again, sometimes now. Will you?

    • They had to drop most of their series—many of which had weekly release schedules—so they’ll have lots of time to work on Vagabond. Also, they have very good quality scans. Don’t diss them so much.

      • Yeah, I was also thinking they’d probably hold on to the series. And honestly, they probably are going to do a better job in just about every aspect than we could — just look at the awesome job they did with those jump series before they we’re forced to drop it. Anyways, we’ll deal with that if it even comes to be.

  2. Thanks for another translation! I have a personal question about some of Ash’s lines. On page 11, she added “Yeah” to the end of her lines. I notice that in the raws, the last 3 characters of those bubbles are the same, so I’m guessing that’s them. I’m just confused why she did that. Is there some kind of context I’m not getting? Is it just a characteristic quirk of hers?

    • Yes, that was something specific. It’s basically a simple informal affirmation (e.g. “yes”, “yeah”, “that’s right”, etc) at the end of her sentences — note that it’s not expressed as a question or with doubt, e.g. NOT “isn’t that right?”, “is that so?”, etc. I’ve seen it used like “it seems”, but that didn’t make much sense on its face, so I was translating it as a quirk of speech.

      Considering it more though, something like “I’ve been told […]” would fit within it’s range of its implied meaning, and make a lot more sense than a quirky affirmation considering Zelm’s following line. It would be a bit of a leap to translate it directly as its implied meaning, but something like “I guess” or “apparently” expresses that it’s a decision made by someone other than her. That is, she’s been told these things. I’ll use “apparently” for now, and add a conjunction to break the awkward repetition in English.


      • Thank you for the explanation. It makes a lot more sense now. I’m scanlating this one in my free time, although I’m afraid it may be the last one I can do in a while. I’ll post the link when I’m done, unless somebody does it first.

        Question for scanlation purposes: the bell ring sounds, how best should I put them? “Riiiing”? “Riiingoong”? Keep them the way they are? I even looked up Japanese school bell sounds, and it seems they usually sound like grandfather clocks’ chimes, huh. Also, is it best to keep all the trailing off “——”‘s consistently horizontal or vertical? Turn them all into ellipses? If I stare and agonize over them any longer my brain is gonna turn into goo.

        (Not that it hadn’t already… This sounds sad, but God, I miss Mamoru’s smirky face.)

        • Yeah, I only know of this sort of bell being particularly Japanese:
          And the SFX doesn’t seem to be that exactly. It’s probably a good idea to change the bell sounds to something generic like “*ring ring*”.

          As for the lines, I am fairly certain we’d either: keep it as is, re-typeset the lines, or just change it to an ellipses depending entirely on how much it fit in — granted I wasn’t doing this part, so I’m not certain. I’d say if it looks weird, replace it with whatever looks best to you as long as it’s conveying the pause.

            • Niry, the only manga chapters I’ve ever downloaded are the ones you’ve done for UDDUP. Thank you for scanlating it! ^_^

              • You’re welcome! This would be the perfect time for me to try uploading for the first time, but UDDUP got deleted off Manga Fox, the only site I’m a member of, so… hahah. Unfortunately, I’ll be very busy in the next few months so I won’t be able to scanlate more chapters. :/ I really hope it won’t be too long before someone can pick it up again. At least we’re still blessed to have translations.

            • @Niry
              You should try making sure you tilt the pages. It was mostly fine in chapter 128, there was like one or two pages where it was off by a bit, but chapter 127 was pretty bad.

              • Thank you for the tip! Sorry about that. I was honestly too focused on the text I didn’t even notice the tilting. Should I fix it and re-upload?

                • Nah, it’s not that such a big deal that you would need to redo and re-upload, and you would also have to redo all the text as well since they would be all at the wrong angles and some aliasing issues might pop up. I’m sure the majority of the people reading didn’t even notice. I’m just a perfectionist so I spot that every time, even if it’s off by one degree. If I were you I would just make sure to tilt the page before doing anything else when editing manga from now on.

  3. It’s great that you guys got Chapter 128 in. I was wondering if this manga translation project got dropped or not. I’m glad that it’s not. I look forward to reading it whenever it’s ready.

    I have one question though, why did it get deleted from Mangafox?

    • Mangafox seeks to make profit from scanlators hard work, often destroying the quality of the scans. This conflict with mangafox is often discussed, but not widely known, so now you know, spread the word.

    • It was explained in the last release. However, Niry was nice enough to post a full scanlation to download in one of the above posts. ^_^

    • lol I did think about it, but I can’t tell a joke to save my life and thought it best to leave it in more capable hands. Oh hey, maybe NSN can add the joke to the translation or something. 😀

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