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“Active” Scanlations:

Volume 1 and chapter 1-12


Next Chapter: No real ETA at the moment. I’m seriously looking into starting this up again and finishing it. [Jan 19 2016]

Specific details about what we are doing with DDC.

We have complete raws for this series.


Completed/Dropped/non-independent/et cetera Series:


048049 – 050051052053054055056057058059


072073074075076077 –  078079080081082083


096097098099100101102103104105106 – 107



Volume 17

Special chapter: Jesus

Special chapter: Bride

About Yami no Aegis and Jesus: Id est, the manga that Tate and Jesus originate from — X-posed scanlations has started scanlating both. Go check it out at their site!

Other info: There is a short Jesus omake featuring UDDUP characters, BUT Let me stress that this is not actually part of UDDUP, so please don’t go uploading or noting it as such. Also, for clarity’s sake, the above “Special chapter: Jesus” is in fact part of UDDUP though.

Double-S, UDDUP’s artist, was a guest artist for a special chapter of Tentai Senshi Sunred which we scanlated and which you can find here (I suggest it to anyone that’s a fan of UDDUP’s art).



286 – 287 – 288289290291292293294295296297

298299 – 300

Mangastream has picked up the series. They’ll no doubt give the series more attention than we can, and bring fast, high quality Vagabond releases. We thank them for their efforts and will bow out. Good luck to the Mangastream team.


Muda Scantrad has taken over Dr. Rurru. We wish them luck and are happy that someone is getting Dr. Rurru scanlated.

Other info: So a while back we got our hands on a oneshot issue of jump SQ. We thought Dr. Rurru looked like it had the best art out of all of them, so we did the oneshot. It was a while back, consequently it’s pretty messy (besides the fact that the story was pretty bizarre and disjointed).  Apparently we choose well though, because it got serialized. Right now we are sort of doing it ‘for the lulz’. Accordingly, it’s quite low on our priority list. Terribly sorry to fans for the frequent tardiness.


Currently, We’ve dropped it and left it to Evil Genius and  I’d like to wish them good luck with it and apologies for the poor communication.


We were going to do more, but we decide it would be better if the series was handed over to imangascans. Good luck, we look forward to more chapters to come.


Wanted to try our hand at cleaning mag raws, but didn’t feel like translating it, ergo one chapter only.


Various other chapter with Kuu scans

We helped Kuu clean some of their tank scans for a while. Check them out if they still exist.

1516171819 [end]

A short WSJ series which we completed.

Personant [MU] – Apple [MU]- in order of how much I like them (see above for Dr. Rurru oneshot)

The only other scanlation available was terrible and we thought “even we can do better than that”, and thus was born Nihil Sine Nefas. (it’s terrible too in retrospect, but still better than that shit)




Until Death Do Us Part – Volume 18 translation and scanlations


Thanks go to Heller and sfcvaughn for scanlations.

Chapter 139 – by Heller

Chapter 140 – by Heller

Chapter 141 – by Heller

Chapter 142 – by Heller

Chapter 143 – by Heller

Chapter 144 – by Heller

Chapter 145 – by Heller

Chapter 146 – by Heller

Chapters 139-146 – by sfcvaughn.

(Sorry for the lag in updating this part of the post. Been tied up.)

Original Post:

Ok, here’s volume 18, hope you like it:


I think this volume is awesome. I ran into a few parts that I was like “Oh shit! That was amazing!” as I was transcribing. That said, I think maybe the last volume’s Omake was cooler — I mean, how can you beat Fire Slide… right? Anyways, I haven’t looked into when volume 19 is coming out. I really do like these volume releases a lot more, but I might just have to work with individual chapters. I’ll update when I find out more and decide what to do. Also, I’ll see if I can get another one of the proofers to read through this and clean it up more. The start seems pretty straightforward anyways, so it shouldn’t really effect any early scans.

The usage is the same as previous releases and outlined at the top of the translation. Some of the proofers didn’t have time to really do much for this release, so please alert us to any awkward lines, egregious grammar mistakes, or general misspellings. We’re open to suggestion here — understand occasionally “mistakes” are intentional and “awkward” is a subjective matter though.


It looks like volume 19 is slated for the 25th. I’ll probably wait for that and do a volume release again. As is, there are gaps in the raws available. I can still use the chapters I do have to get a head start. Let’s hope that volume 19 gets scanned fast after release. If it really ends up taking a while though, I’ll see about releasing the chapters I do have. At any rate, it’ll be a number of weeks before it comes to that. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Until Death Do Us Part – Volume 17 translation and scanlations


And finally chapter 138 is out, concluding volume 17 (as far as actual UDDUP chapters goes). Volume 18 translations are just about done (and it’s an awesome volume); I just need to get them looked over a few times by proof readers. Credit for the scanlation goes to Heller, check out their group page. Be sure to thank them for all their hard work.


Orginal Post:

We live once more!

Ok, it’s been a while… that might be an understatement. We’ve been quite busy, but we found some time and went for everything at once. I saw that there are some other releases, so some of this might be redundant, but I figure I might as well translate the whole volume at once. You’ll also be happy to know this is a complete volume release including omake!! I know all of you really, really want them, and let me tell you this one is a keeper! Sarcasm aside, it’s good for a chuckle.

The usage is the same as pervious releases and outlined at the top of the translation. Some of the proofers didn’t have time to really do much for this release, so please alert us to any awkward lines, egregious grammar mistakes, or general misspellings. We’re open to suggestion here — understand occationally “mistakes” are intentional and “awkward” is a subjective matter though.

Until Death Do Us Part – Volume 17 Translation

Sorry for the lack of communication, we probably could have done better on that. Hope you enjoy.

Volume 17 scanlations:

Chapter 135 – Credit: Heller, aka Straight.to.hell.

Chapter 136 – Credit: Heller, aka Straight.to.hell.

Chapter 137 – Credit: Heller, aka Straight.to.hell.

chapter 138 – Credit: Heller, aka Straight.to.hell.

Check out their group page.

Updates on Volume 18:

On a side note, I really enjoyed the completeness of context you don’t normally get with chapter releases, and if volume 18 is out or out soon I might just do it all at once too. Anyone know the release date for volume 18?  I found volume 18 raws and am working on them now. I am going to see if I can pound them out too. No promises as I might get tied up again and no ETA until I get further along, but I am actually having a good time with all this. Also note that as of now I’m going to go for another full volume release since I’ve got one here. I’ll keep you posted if things changes. Update on Volume 18: It’s awesome so far! Really working on it hard. And a Sasaki Kojirou reference!? This just became top priority!

12/05: Decent progress made on volume 18. There are some tough parts I’m going to have to take my time to work through. Working hard on it though. About half way through, although it seems to have been the “easy” half; still a bunch of text-bombs left to diffuse.

12/07: The rough translation for volume 18 is complete aside from the omake which I’ll finish up now. After that, all that’s left is proofing and formatting (which could still take a while especially with our proofers being so busy).

12/13: Still just trying to wrangle my proofers. All the translation is done; it’s just a matter of making it sound good. I think I might have been a bit verbose in volume 17. I’ll see if I can’t cut down a bit this time.

12/16: A few more read throughs and we’ll release the volume. It shouldn’t take more than a few days to be pretty solid.

12/20: ETA late friday (21st).

1:30: Final read through, expect it very soon.

Until Death Do Us Part – c.130 Translation

EDIT: Scans can be found here:

http://www.mediafire.com/?02rkaazqtt2y27h – credit: Bee

http://www.mediafire.com/?6i10hry660b581l – credit: Pom Rania

Here’s a new UDDUP translation. We were moving a bit slow early because there was a gap at the time, then things started to get busy. In the end it took way to long to get this out. At any rate, here it is:


We have volume 17 raws (this chapter is the end of volume 16), so there’s not a gap for a while now. Hopefully we can actually get these out in a reasonable time frame.

Until Death Do Us Part – c.129 Translation

The scanlation this time around is provided by Veih. It looks great; be sure to thank them below:



Another translation ready. We do have chapter 130, so that’ll be coming up next.


(Go ahead and tell us if you think any lines in particular are awkward sounding or could be better phrased.  Since this is still a very much mutable product, we might as well improve it. Note that some translation issues can be more nuanced than they would externally appear, so we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to address every thing, but that said, we’ll check it out.)

Until Death Do Us part – c.128 Translations


Niry has been kind enough to once again scanlate the chapter for us. Be sure to thank them for their efforts!



Here’s another UDDUP translation.


(Go ahead and tell us if you think any lines in particular are awkward sounding or could be better phrased.  Since this is still a very much mutable product, we might as well improve it. We got a few good, though minor, change suggestions last time. Note that some translation issues can be more nuanced than they would externally appear, so we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to address every thing, but that said, we’ll check it out.)

Anyhow, you may have noticed that Vagabond got picked up by Mangastream. They are a fast, high quality scanlation group that will be able to give Vagabond more attention than us. That being the case, we’ll step aside and let them handle things. As Vagabond fans, we’re grateful for their effort and would like to wish them luck in their endeavors.

Until Death Do Us Part – c.127 Translation

UPDATE: Niry has been kind enough to scanlate the chapter. You can find it here:


Be sure to give your thanks to them down below.

Here it is. The translations for following chapters might not be released for all like this one depending on any collaboration details we work out, but this first one we’re just going to post now. See the actual translation for usage notes.


Tell us if you think there are any issues with the translations or spot anything we missed.

Until Death Do Us Part – c.126

UPDATE on 127:

You may have noticed that we’ve been not updating much of anything for a while. We ran into a few time consuming real life situations — don’t worry, not in a bad way. The editors in particular have seen their time dwindle in past weeks. We were sort of fooling ourselves into thinking that the editors would find the time, so we were holding off and waiting. It’s now become clear that that’s a suboptimal route.

That being the case, we’re going to start releasing the translations. We’ll release them with the same conditions as the Vagabond translations. If you’re an interested group of decent quality and want to work out a specific collaboration, contact us. We’re aiming for 127 being released before this coming Monday (26th).

We apologies for the delays, and more than that, the lack of communication. We’re also impressed with the complete civility of all the comments given the situation and have to applaud your patience and understanding.


mediafire — Online readers

Seems like all the releases are getting delayed by something or another lately. Our editor’s have been a bit more busy and, if we’re being honest, a bit distracted with a certain game released on 11/11/11. Thanks for your patience, and we’ll try to be a bit more on top of it next time. Unfortunately, there’s been no sign of 130 yet, but we’ve still got a few chapters left until we hit the gap.

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