What we’re doing now… & et cetera

Note: We update this post regularly with our planned activities, thoughts, et cetera. Be aware that it changes often. The “[MU]” are mangaupdate.com links if you want to know more about the series. —About our name (Nihil Sine Nefas) and our symbol (the Inverted Cross) —Ask Us – If there’s something you want to know, […]

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Until Death Do Us Part – Volume 18 translation and scanlations

Scanlations: Thanks go to Heller and sfcvaughn for scanlations. Chapter 139 – by Heller Chapter 140 – by Heller Chapter 141 – by Heller Chapter 142 – by Heller Chapter 143 – by Heller Chapter 144 – by Heller Chapter 145 – by Heller Chapter 146 – by Heller Chapters 139-146 – by sfcvaughn. (Sorry […]

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Sorry for the lack of direct updates, but as you may have gathered we're not active at the moment.

- There's another group scanlating UDDUP; go check them out.
- We leave open the possibility of returning if UDDUP is dropped by other groups, but we can't guarantee anything (real lives and all).

- Rough translations completed (not in our completed style).
- On extended hiatus, sorry.

For more in-depth information, see here. Feel free to ask us if you'd like to know any further information.


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