Vagabond – c.281


Vagabond is on break again *sigh*. Only two weeks this time. It’ll be back on 10/8 (keep in mind it sometimes takes time to get raws).
Now, about Zetman, we’ve talked to EG and it looks like for the time being we probably won’t be releasing anymore Zetman. They seem to have things in much better order now, but don’t worry about Zetman; we’ll re-evaluate things if the situation returns to how it used to be. Look forward to more chapters from them – 119 is already out, after all.

Raws: Raw-paradise

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12 responses to “Vagabond – c.281

  1. thanks guys…and hope that agreement was about faster releases for example bloody monday scan team if you have it ready and everything just do a daily release or at least dont let the manga die then back again every 3 months at will…

    • EG seems to be much more on the ball than before. In the end, it’s not about us doing Zetman; it’s about Zetman getting done. If EG does it well enough, that’s fine by me. If Zetman scanlations are not up to standard, then we’ll look into the situation.

  2. I don’t want to sound like annoying and whining leecher but now that you are done with Zet (at least for the moment), maybe you guys would like to save manga world once again? – for example Blade of the Immortal (hint hint hint=) It’s in pretty much the same situation as Zet was.

    • Not actually following that manga. Generally being a fan of the prerequisite of taking on a new project for us (unless it’s a new series). That said, I think I should read that series anyway since a lot of people have said it’s good. Who knows, maybe it will draw me in enough to get me going on the project, but also know that we don’t work on other groups projects lightly. We have to be big fans of the series and they have to be doing a pretty poor job. At any rate, I’ll looking into in on some level and we’ll see what happens. An important thing to note is that we are looking into doing a few completely new series, never before scanlated, so that might stop us from adding new series to our load.

      • Yep, it’s really really really good. So I’ll be looking forward to your new projects and maybe Boti someday, of course if you guys and other scanlators will still be “alive” after new MH business plan.
        And thanks for your reply, not many groups do that.

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