Vagabond – c.283


So you may have notice that 282 is missing. We haven’t gotten its raws yet, so we can’t do it. We did, however, get the raws for this chapter (obviously), and since it seems to stand alone on its own well enough, here you go. We’ll do 282 as soon as we find some raws for it.

Raws: Raw-paradise

Edit: fixed an error on page 9 and 10. We had Musashi rather than Takezou. The Kanji for the ‘Musashi’ and ‘Takezou’ are identical, just read differently. Since Vagabond is a seinen the  readings are often omitted, ergo our error. (I guess I am so used to using ‘Musashi’ since it’s tended to be that recently, that I automatically read it that way). Sorry for any confusion it may have caused.

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