Until Death Do Us Part – c.111

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Ah, a new UDDUP, and an action packed one at that — gotta love it. No news on Vagabond yet. DDC is next on our priority list, though no eta as of yet.

(note: There’s a typo on the last page – replace ‘left arm’ with ‘artificial arm’ Fixed. Sorry! )

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36 responses to “Until Death Do Us Part – c.111

  1. yep, that’s a right hand, and the page doesn’t seems to be mirrored (what’s the term? i forget it) by the way, i thought i would see a matrix-like bullet evasion move. ahahaha.

  2. Maybe it’s an effect of being around Tate, but Genda was smiling a lot earlier in this chapter, too. Just noticed that..>_> and it indeed is his right arm (the last page). Tate=absolute win. Even with an immobilised arm.
    Thanks for the chapter, guys!

  3. Well, we still don’t know how sticky foam is gonna immobilize Tate. I mean, it’s sticky foam. It’s not like it’s acid which corrodes the mechanical arm.

    It seems Tate is better at dealing w/ bullets than Mamoru. The best Mamoru was able to do against sniper bullet and machine gun was dodge or take cover, whereas Tate freaking blocked them out (and protect others). In short, Tate was better at figuring out the trajectory of the bullets.

    • Tate’s also been doing this longer than Mamoru has, I do believe. Mamoru spent a majority of his re-training overcoming his blindness. Tate’s was specifically FOR bullet catching/blocking.

    • I’m not so sure how much of it is Tate figuring out the trajectory, and how much of it is the programming in his arm. Although, I really don’t think the mangaka are going to get that in-depth on the issue, as it’s secondary to the primary thing of getting to see badass dudes pwning the bad guys.

        • Well, unaided human reflexes (probably) aren’t good enough to do what he does. Diving away from a bullet? Possibly. Moving a specific part of your body to the exact spot it will be in to block it? Unlikely.

          What I’m thinking, is there’s a computer system inside the arm that hooks up with his nervous system somehow. (Almost guaranteed.) When he’s trying to do something accurately at a high speed, the computer takes the general instruction from him, and calculates the specifics on its own. Which means, among other things, that he’s got to be one of the fastest typists on the planet.

  4. Well urethane foam is very hard to break and expand to fast before stiffen…so i guess it will get stuck in the joints and avoid any move.

    Yeah, i too guess Tate’s arm has some sort of automatic defense,,,

  5. i was really onfused by the similarities between tate and the master of the assoiation whih i forgot its name now
    whats wrong with me??
    getting older suuuuuuuuuuuuucks

    or is it the long time between the chapters that made me forgot

    still looooooooove this manga
    thank u guys alot

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